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Virgin Hair Fertilizer 

is a natural hair scalp treatment that boosts the growth of hair. It is applied by massaging a small amount on the scalp, hair, and roots. The ingredients in Virgin Hair Fertilizer include: African Shea Butter, Petroleum Jelly, Peppermint Oil, Lanolin, and Fragrance. Many people state that the product gives off a strong peppermint smell that also leaves a tingle on the scalp.

It is recommended to use small doses in every other wash at the beginning stage to avoid any side effects or misuse. The product itself appears as a tube of toothpaste with a thick, yellow substance inside. Virgin Hair Fertilizer is a product that has been on the rise for a couple years with many mixed reviews.

Many customers of Virgin Hair Fertilizer state that they have seen hair growth in little as three uses. On the other hand, there are many reviews or articles on the proper usage of Virgin Hair Fertilizer because many may have misused the product or had allergic reactions leading to damaged hair. 

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